Inground Pool Removal Methods

Inground pool removal can be a challenging and complex process, but there are several methods available to get the job done. The most common method of inground pool removal is called “fill-in,” where the pool is drained and then the hole is filled with dirt and compacted. Another method involves breaking up the concrete or fiberglass shell of the pool and removing it piece by piece. A third option is to remove the entire pool and haul it away to a landfill. No matter which method you choose, it is important to hire a professional with experience in inground pool removal to ensure that the job is done safely and effectively.

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Is your old swimming pool taking up valuable backyard space? Are you eager to reclaim it but unsure where to begin? For expert services, contact our demolition company, the premier company in Houston. We offer comprehensive solutions for your needs, from consultation and estimates to debris removal and land clearing, based on our years of experience. This guide will walk you through the entire process, including cost considerations, options, and the benefits of pool removal. FAQs, such as Houston removal timelines, are also addressed. Don’t wait—reach out today for competitive prices on your requirements.

Why Choose Houston Contracting & Demolition LLC for Pool Removal?

With expertise and experience in pool removal services, Houston Contracting & Demolition LLC is the premier choice for your inground pool removal needs. The owner is directly involved throughout the process, ensuring top-notch service. We offer a comprehensive range of services to handle different types of pools, including above-ground. Rest assured, we prioritize proper drainage and disposal of debris.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in pool removal services, we bring extensive knowledge of different pool types and removal techniques to the table. Our trained and skilled professionals handle the demolition process with precision, utilizing heavy machinery and equipment for efficient removal. We ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations, making sure every step of the process is carried out safely and legally. Trust our expertise and experience for your pool removal needs.

Direct Owner Involvement

At Houston Contracting & Demolition LLC, we prioritize direct owner involvement in every pool removal project. With personal attention and guidance from the owner, you can expect expertise and insight throughout the process. We believe in direct communication and accessibility, ensuring that your individual needs and preferences are met with customized solutions. Our commitment lies in ensuring customer satisfaction from start to finish. Choose our premier pool removal company for a seamless experience.

Comprehensive Services Offered

We provide a range of comprehensive services for pool removal. Our process begins with an initial consultation and a free estimate to assess your specific needs. We then evaluate the accessibility and equipment requirements for the pool removal. Our skilled team efficiently handles pool draining and demolition, ensuring a smooth process. Additionally, we offer debris removal and land clearing services. To complete the transformation, we provide additional landscaping and restoration options. With our comprehensive services, we ensure a hassle-free pool removal experience.

The Pool Removal Process at Our Demolition Comany

Our streamlined pool removal process ensures efficient and hassle-free service. Beginning with a consultation and estimate, we assess pool area accessibility and determine necessary equipment. Vinyl pools are welcome.

Vinyl is a popular material for pool liners, but it can also be a factor in pool removal. Vinyl liners tend to last around 10–15 years before they need to be replaced, and once they start to deteriorate, it can lead to leaks or other damage that may require expensive repairs. In some cases, homeowners may decide to remove the pool entirely instead of replacing the vinyl liner. This process involves draining the pool, breaking up the concrete or fiberglass shell, and properly disposing of the materials. It’s important to work with experienced professionals to ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently.


Pool adjustments can transform your landscape and provide significant benefits. The removal of an unwanted pool creates more space for outdoor activities, resulting in a more appealing yard aesthetic. This newly discovered space can be used for a patio, garden, or even a children’s playground. Aside from aesthetic benefits, removing an old pool contributes to long-term savings by lowering maintenance costs and water bills. The former pool area can be transformed into a magnificent outdoor living zone that meets all of your needs with careful landscaping.

Above-ground vs. in-ground removal

When it comes to backyard renovations, homeowners have two options: above-ground or in-ground dismantling. The former is typically simpler and less expensive, allowing for piecemeal disassembly. The latter, on the other hand, entails draining, breaking up the structure, and filling the cavity. Despite the initial outlay, it can increase property value and make space for landscaping or outdoor living spaces. It is worth noting that our demolition services only handle in-ground swimming pool removal.

Dumpster Rental

If you’re considering removing your pool, renting a dumpster is essential. A dumpster rental can make the process of pool removal much easier and less stressful. It allows you to dispose of all the debris and waste from the project in one place without having to worry about multiple trips to the dump. Additionally, it saves time and money since you won’t have to pay for extra disposal fees or transportation costs. With a dumpster rental, pool removal can be done efficiently and with minimal disruption to your property.

Contemplating backyard pool removal? Removal costs fluctuate, spanning $2,700 to $19,000, with an average expenditure of around $6,000.

Many homeowners consider removing their unused pool in the backyard, especially if it is no longer being used or has become a safety hazard. However, the cost of pool removal can range from $2,700 to $19,000, with an average cost of around $6,000. The cost varies depending on factors such as the size of the pool, accessibility to the site, and any additional features like a deck or fence that need to be removed. Despite the initial cost, many homeowners find that removing their pool can provide them with more usable space in their backyard and save them money on maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

✔ Get your instant upfront price online

Pool removal can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the convenience of upfront pricing, you can get an instant quote online for your pool removal project. This makes it easier for homeowners to plan and budget accordingly. At the same time, it gives them peace of mind that they won’t have to deal with any hidden costs or surprises along the way. With upfront pricing, you’ll know exactly what to expect and can make informed decisions about your pool removal project.


Fiberglass pool removal requires specific skills and equipment. The process involves breaking down the fiberglass shell into smaller pieces, which are then hauled away for disposal. It is essential to hire a professional company that has experience in fiberglass pool removal, as the process can be dangerous without the proper training and tools. A reputable company will also ensure that all debris is removed from your property, leaving your backyard clear and ready for whatever you have planned next.

for a seamless removal process. Our skilled team drains the pool and employs proper demolition techniques, taking care to handle the process safely and efficiently. After the demolition, we ensure the removal and disposal of debris in an environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, we offer land clearing and restoration services to restore the area to its original condition. At Houston Contracting & Demolition LLC, we are committed to providing top-notch pool removal services from start to finish.

Initial Consultation and Free Estimate

During the initial consultation for pool removal, we conduct a thorough assessment of your swimming pool and the site. We discuss your project goals and requirements in detail to ensure we understand your vision. As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide a free estimate that outlines the expected costs of the pool removal process. We also communicate openly about the timeline and process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Accessibility and Equipment Assessment

Our contracting company’s team excels at assessing the accessibility of pool areas for heavy equipment. We conduct thorough evaluations to determine the equipment needed for efficient and safe removal. Our experts navigate challenging spaces with ease, utilizing specialized tools and machinery, such as excavators and bulldozers, for optimal results. We also consider potential obstacles or constraints that may arise during the process. With our expertise, we ensure that every assessment is meticulously carried out to guarantee a smooth and successful pool removal.

Pool Draining and Demolition

Our pool draining and demolition services prioritize safety and efficiency. We employ professional techniques to prevent any damage to the surrounding areas during the process. Our industry-approved methods ensure the upfront and proper demolition of your pool, in compliance with all safety regulations and guidelines. We are committed to minimizing disruption to your property and neighboring areas and providing a smooth and hassle-free experience. Trust us for expert pool removal that leaves no trace behind.

Debris Removal and Land Clearing

Our pool removal services go beyond just demolishing the swimming pool. We ensure a thorough cleanup and removal of all pool debris, including rebar, plywood, plumbing, and concrete decks. Our team is committed to proper disposal of materials in an environmentally responsible manner, and we pay attention to detail to ensure a clean and visually appealing result. Additionally, we offer optional land clearing services, such as landscaping and grading, to restore the site to its original state or desired specifications.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Pool Removal in Houston

Factors such as the size and type of the pool, the accessibility of the pool area, the need for specialized equipment and machinery, additional services requested, and local regulations and permitting requirements can all influence the cost of pool removal in Houston. The complexity of the removal process, any existing obstacles or limitations, and the desired future use of the area will be taken into account when determining the overall cost. It is important to consider these factors when planning for pool removal in order to ensure a smooth and cost-effective process.

Type of Pool and Material

Different pool types—inground, above-ground, and fiberglass—require different removal methods. The pool’s construction material—vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass—has an impact on the removal process. The complexity and cost of removal services vary depending on the pool type and material. It is critical to hire a skilled pool removal company that can address your pool’s specifics, including feet. Consider the pool type and material to determine the best removal method.

Size of the Pool

The pool’s size, whether in square feet or gallons, can notably influence removal costs and duration. Bigger pools demand more removal labor and specialized equipment and incur higher disposal fees. The pool’s size also impacts excavation extent and debris volume during removal. Budgeting for removal costs should consider the pool’s size for accurate planning.

Access to the Pool Area

The accessibility of the pool area has a significant impact on the cost and ease of pool removal. Factors such as proximity to the street, landscaping, fencing, and nearby structures can affect access, ultimately influencing the total cost of removal. Limited access may require additional equipment or manual labor, increasing the overall cost of removal. Special considerations need to be made for hard-to-reach areas, like narrow backyard pathways. It’s advisable to consult with a pool removal contractor to assess the accessibility of your pool area.

Desired Future Use of the Area

Consider your desired future use of the area where the pool is located. If you plan to build a new pool or spa in the same location, a complete pool removal may be necessary. For those who want to repurpose the area for other purposes, such as landscaping or building an addition, a full removal might be the best option. To ensure your fill area settles and has proper drainage, have a structural engineer oversee the filling process. If you have no immediate plans for the area, a partial fill-in can be a cost-effective solution. Discuss your plans with a pool removal contractor to determine the best course of action.

Breakdown of the Costs Involved in Pool Removal

When it comes to pool removal, the costs involved can vary depending on several factors. These costs typically include labor, excavation, disposal fees, permits, and compliance costs. The size and complexity of the project affect labor and excavation costs, while disposal fees and land clearing costs are relevant when clearing the area of debris and restoring it. Additionally, there are permitting and compliance costs associated with obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations. In some cases, there may also be additional costs to consider, such as deck or enclosure removal, as well as hiring a structural engineer or landscaper.

Labor and Excavation Costs

Labor costs in pool removal projects encompass the wages of the workers involved, while excavation costs pertain to removing the pool structure. Project complexity and labor requirements have an impact on overall cost, which emphasizes the need for qualified experts. Comparing quotes from various contractors allows for cost evaluation, taking into account factors such as the cost of living in the area. By addressing labor and excavation costs, clients can make informed decisions about hiring skilled laborers and managing expenses effectively.

Disposal Fees and Land Clearing Expenses

When removing a swimming pool, it’s important to consider the disposal fees and land clearing expenses. Disposal fees are incurred for the removal of pool debris such as concrete, dirt, and other materials. The volume and weight of the debris, including top soil, will determine these costs. Land clearing expenses are associated with restoring the area to its pre-pool condition, which may involve removing excess dirt, regrading the area, and replanting grass or landscaping. When budgeting for pool removal, it’s essential to factor in both disposal fees and land clearing expenses.

Permitting and Compliance Costs

When it comes to pool removal, there are certain permitting and compliance costs that you need to consider. These costs include the fees associated with obtaining the necessary permits for pool demolition contractors. Additionally, compliance costs may be incurred to ensure that your pool removal project meets local building codes and regulations. The specific requirements and costs vary depending on your location and local regulations. To determine the exact permitting and compliance costs for your pool removal project, it is recommended to consult with your local building department. Hiring a pool removal contractor who is familiar with local regulations can help streamline the permitting and compliance process, saving you time and effort.

Comparison of Pool Removal Options

When deciding on the best option for your pool removal project, it is important to consider the pros and cons of full removal versus partial removal. Full removal involves complete demolition and removal of the pool structure, providing a clean slate for future use of the area. On the other hand, partial removal, also known as partial fill-in, involves demolishing the top portion of the pool and filling the remaining space. This option can be cost-effective if you have no immediate plans for the area. Consulting with a pool removal contractor will help determine which option suits your needs best.

Full Removal vs. Partial Removal

When considering pool removal options, it’s important to weigh the benefits of full removal versus partial removal. Full removal involves the complete demolition and removal of the entire pool structure, including the bottom of the pool. This option provides a completely empty and usable space for you to utilize as you wish. On the other hand, partial removal, also known as partial fill-in, involves demolishing the top portion of the pool and filling the remaining space. It can be a more cost-effective option if you have no immediate plans for the area. To determine the best option for your needs, consider your desired future use of the area and consult with a pool removal contractor. However, if you are looking for a more thorough solution, complete removal may be the better choice.

DIY Removal vs. Professional Service

When it comes to pool removal, the choice between DIY removal and hiring professionals is an important one to make. While DIY removal may seem like a cost-effective option, it can be time-consuming and risky. Hiring professionals ensures compliance with safety regulations and guarantees proper disposal of pool debris. It offers peace of mind and reduces liability. Save yourself the hassle and potential mistakes by opting for professional pool removal services.

Benefits of Removing Your Old Swimming Pool

Removing your old swimming pool offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, it eliminates the ongoing maintenance costs associated with pool ownership, saving you both time and money. Additionally, by removing the pool, you can increase the usable space in your backyard, allowing for more activities and potential landscaping options. Furthermore, removing the pool improves safety, particularly for children, as it eliminates potential hazards. Moreover, this decision can enhance the property value and appeal of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Lastly, removing the pool helps save on water and energy expenses by eliminating the need for pool operation.

Safety and Liability

Removing a pool eliminates the risk of accidents and injuries, reducing the homeowner’s liability. It also helps to avoid potential lawsuits and legal issues associated with an unused pool. By removing the pool, you can ensure a safe environment for children and pets in the backyard. Additionally, pool removal mitigates the risks associated with aging pool structures.

Maintenance and Cost Savings

By removing your old swimming pool, you can eliminate the need for regular maintenance and repairs. This will save you on water and chemical expenses. Additionally, you can reduce or even eliminate the cost of pool equipment and accessories. Removing the pool also helps you avoid costly surprises from unexpected repairs or replacements. Furthermore, you’ll decrease the amount of time spent on pool cleaning and upkeep.

Increased Property Value and Usable Space

Removing a pool can significantly boost your property’s value and provide valuable real estate. This creates additional usable space for landscaping, outdoor living, or gardening. The absence of a pool can enhance the curb appeal of your home, attracting potential buyers who prefer a pool-free property. Without a pool, you have the opportunity to explore new design options, allowing you to transform your backyard into a visually appealing space. By removing the pool, you can maximize the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor area.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Remove a Pool in Houston?

The duration of pool removal in Houston varies depending on factors such as the size and type of the pool. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Factors like accessibility and permits also play a role. Hiring experienced professionals ensures an efficient and timely process. Discuss the estimated timeline with your pool removal contractor.

Contact Our Demolition Company for Your Pool Removal Needs

When it comes to professional pool removal in Houston, trust the experts at our contracting company. With their specialized knowledge and experience, they can provide you with quality service for your pool removal project. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Learn more about the comprehensive pool removal services they offer and get professional advice and assistance for your pool removal needs.

Why choose Houston’s premier pool removal company?

Looking for an affordable and reliable pool removal company? Our contracting and demolition company is your answer. With their expertise, experience, and competitive prices, they ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Trust the professionals to handle your pool removal needs

Affordable and competitive prices

When it comes to pool removal services, our company offers affordable and competitive prices. You can get a competitive quote from Houston’s premier pool removal company. They provide affordable pool removal options without compromising on quality. If you’re considering pool removal, discussing pricing and payment options with our owner is a good idea. With their pool removal services, you can receive value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common reasons people choose to remove their pools?

Some popular reasons for pool removal include concerns about safety, lack of use, and high maintenance costs. Removing a pool can create space for other outdoor features and may be necessary if the pool is old or damaged. Hiring professionals ensures safe and efficient removal.

What are the potential benefits of removing a pool from my property?

Potential benefits of pool removal include increasing property value, improving aesthetics, saving money on maintenance and insurance, creating additional outdoor space for activities or landscaping, reducing safety concerns for families with children or pets, and minimizing the drawbacks associated with pool ownership. Removing a pool can be a smart decision for homeowners looking to enhance their property and enjoy these advantages.

What are some factors that can affect the cost of pool removal?

Factors such as the size and type of the pool, its location and accessibility, the presence of obstacles, and the complexity of the removal process can all impact the cost of pool removal. A proper assessment of these factors is crucial for determining an accurate estimate.

Is pool removal a complicated process?

Removing a pool can be a complex task, depending on the type and location of the pool. It involves draining the pool, breaking up the shell, and disposing of debris. Permits may be required. Hiring professionals ensures a safe and proper removal process.


In conclusion, our demolition company is your top choice for pool removal in Houston. With their expertise, experience, and direct owner involvement, you can trust that your pool removal project will be handled with utmost care and professionalism. They offer comprehensive services, from initial consultation to debris removal and land clearing, ensuring a hassle-free process for you.

Factors such as the type and size of the pool, access to the pool area, and desired future use of the space influence the cost of pool removal. However, we offer affordable and competitive prices, making pool removal a cost-effective solution.

By removing your old swimming pool, you not only enhance safety and reduce liability but also save on maintenance costs and increase your property value. There are countless opportunities for landscaping or other recreational activities in the usable space that pool removal creates.

If you’re considering pool removal in Houston, don’t hesitate to contact Houston Contracting & Demolition LLC. Their team of experts is ready to assist you and provide a free estimate for your pool removal needs.

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